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Busy Weekend

September 2nd, 2008 at 07:26 am

Just thought I'd drop something in here since it has been awhile...

Had a GREAT weekend, my neighbor was gone for the weekend so I borrowed her ladder and got the gutter torn off the front of my house. It was sagging and leaking so I removed it and gave the board a good coat of paint. It looks 100% better and the board won't rot out and require replacing. There is a huge overhang so it doesn't really need a gutter and it ruins the look of the house. I will wait and see after the next rain.

Then I tore apart the gate (not a big feat it was falling apart). One of the hinges was so rusted it had frozen and pulling the gate open & shut had pretty much mutilated it. The opening isn't big enough for a cheap pre-made gate so I put it back together using angle irons and screws and put in a new hinge. It looks good and works better. Hopefully it will last awhile now.

I also worked on painting the house. I am up above the windows now and should be finished, scraping, sanding and priming this month. I do a little bit at a time and work on it most mornings but I really got alot done this weekend. I am looking forward to the day I can give it it's final topcoat.

Mowed and cleaned up the yard. Did a whole house clean-up and cleaned the carpet.

Whew...Classes start up again today but I am well caught up on the work. I have an assignment to shop Aldi's this week and a Movie theater evaluation Friday. The college is opening a play this weekend too and since students get in free I am thinking of going. I have a tax class this afternoon and one college class this evening so I think I will just take it a little easy this morning and maybe do a little cooking while it is still cool. The weather here has been beautiful.

More Home Repair

December 28th, 2006 at 03:25 pm

My bathtub faucet was leaking and after looking it up to see if I could do it myself I called the plumber. Full replacement of the faucet would run around $400 because there is no access, they would have to move the HWH and cut a hole in the wall to access the pipes, but the faucet I have is a high quality faucet that maybe could be repaired from the front. 1 hr and $80+/- (haven't gotten the bill yet) the faucet no longer leaks HOWEVER

On going out my back door this morning I found toilet paper on the soggy? (it hasn't rained in days) ground. The top was off the cleanout for the sewer and water? was coming out. Called the drain cleaner guys (my plumber doesn't do sewers) and $80 later (no more or less paid him on the spot) my sewage is now going to the sewer.

So out of the $126 in my home repair budget I spent $160 today. At least I have the funds to cover it.

I may have to put a little more aside for these things next year.

Door is Done

December 23rd, 2006 at 12:40 pm

The bottom of my back porch door fell off. All my friends with trucks were busy this weekend and it is rather critical because my kitty likes to go exploring so I FIXED IT!!

I am pretty proud of myself. I took two 1x4s from the garage, cut them to size and screwed them to the sides. The bottom part was fairly rotted so I took some of that stuff that goes in showers and cut it and put it over the two boards so that the top one where the wood isn't rotted can help hold the bottom one. I know it is temporary but I have a bathroom repair scheduled for next Thursday and I haven't got any budgeted money to spend on a new door even if I could find a way to get it home. I think this spring I will scrounge (?) the salvage yards for another door but with the same style.

My arms are tired but at least my kitty is safe and my stock of stuff is used up a little too. My house was a rental and the landlord would just throw everything into the garage/shed so I have lots of wood and screens and stuff he left behind when I bought it. DS and I did a 'Clean Sweep' on it last summer so everything got organized and anything useless got tossed. There was a piece of metal sheeting I would have liked to have used on the door but I don't have any way to cut it. When I get the new door I might use it to protect the bottom from the dog.

Feels funny posting this after just posting yesterday but I am so proud of myself it actually looks pretty good.