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Do memberships save you money?

November 29th, 2008 at 07:07 am

I was in line at Barne's & Noble, doing a secret shop, when the lady in front of me got a membership card that gets her 10% off her books. When it was my turn I was asked if I wanted to become a member and I said

"No thank you I don't spend $250 a year on books"

Lady in front (who was putting on her gloves) "I never thought of it that way"

Is that math so hard? to get back the $25 a year membership at 10% off wouldn't you have to spend $250?

I have problems with places that charge me to spend money. We have arts and craft fairs that are really just big open air markets that charge admission. Once you get in there is nothing to do except buy stuff. Why should I pay $5 to stroll among the vendors, who have also paid the organizers for their space. It's not like they have free entertainment or displays that are fun to see just rows of people selling their stuff.

I had a boss once who said that Sam's was not in the business of selling stuff but in the business of selling memberships. I know people who say they get better deals there but if I am careful and watch the sales I usually do just as well.

So, once you do the math do memberships save you money?