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Computer Update Time

December 1st, 2006 at 09:30 am

My DS wanted the computer upgraded for Christmas so it went to the shop yesterday. I am already going into internet withdrawl so I am surfing away during my breaks and lunch at work. I am still waiting for the dream list estimate to come in but together (DS savings and Christmas Gift money) we have about $400 for this. Wish me luck, we are hoping to get a new video card with video capture abilities and at least double the RAM we have now (512k).

Someone asked me at work why I didn't just get a new computer? My computer is now custom made and gets upgraded usually once every year or so, If I saved that money every year and bought a new one it wouldn't be any cheaper and this way I get exactly what I want. Last time it was a new hard drive and a DVD burner, this time more RAM and a better video card. Next year who knows what I will want it to do? I couldn't have predicted my DS's interest in making videos and burning them to DVD's.

I am just hoping we can get it all done within the budget. Christmas shopping is done so this is the last big expense for December.

2 Responses to “Computer Update Time”

  1. Broken Arrow Says:

    Were it up to me, I would get a tower and upgrade it myself. It's probably more of an enthusiast thing than a money saving thing, because pre-builts are starting to be very price competitive... and in some cases, even a superior buy than upgrading.

    Please be careful about what kind of video capturing you want, as well as what kind of format the video can be captured in. There are lots of choices out there. Smile

  2. Diolla Says:

    I will get to play with it this weekend. Will see if I made the right decisions. BTW I have a tower that I upgrade every so often to keep it up to speed. I don't know enough to do it myself though, just enough to be dangerous. My computer is, in my opinion, better than anything I would get off the shelf. They told me when I picked it up that the RAM is maxed out at 1024 so if I ever need more... plus I am out of PCI(?) slots so no more new cards unless I replace one already there. May do that next time for better gaming performance.

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