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It's been too long

March 14th, 2009 at 06:10 am

I seem to go in spurts posting here but so often life gets out of hand so here is a quick update...

School has been going well except for Business stats. I understand it when he goes though it in class but I am having trouble when it comes to the tests and that is what the grade is based off. This may be a do over. I don't really enjoy Sociology but I am so far doing well in the class. I think... here it is spring break and I have only received one grade in spite of multiple papers. I love Economics and Accounting, big surprise (not) right now we are doing a big ecel project in Accounting, an interactive budget, and I am having so much fun! English is...okay. I found a decent partner for the research paper although I would much rather do it all myself. We are writing about the credit card industry.

My internship is going well and has been a real education in the corporate insurance/financial world. There were firings about a month ago and my direct supervisor was one of the ones let go. I work in the service center (not on the phomes thank goodness) and it is one of the more profitable sections of the company but I think we were somewhat top heavy so I understand why they let one of the managers go. It was weird though I have never known someone who was fired like that and he was a good guy. Deadlines are very important and with tax reporting we have been very busy.

Income tax season has been slow...I got a raise because of my experience so I am drawing more salary but I haven't done as many returns this year.

I bought a netbook to take to school with me. I really like it because it does everything I need it to but is really small and light. I have been thinking about getting one since before Christmas. Yesterday I pulled it out to work on my English paper and one of the girls went "ooh that is so cute"

So that is about it around here. Spring break starts Monday and I am looking forward to more time to do some of the things I have been putting off.