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Busy week

August 15th, 2008 at 05:36 pm

I am sitting here waiting for my sister to show up, she is late.

Wow, who would have thought being out of work would make me so busy. This was Bod Blast week when the campus welcomes all the new students, and although I have 20 years on most of them I went to everything. Had a good time too although except for the non-traditional student gathering, I felt a little old.

HEY, she's here! Time for the Fun Fest.


Last Day

August 9th, 2008 at 08:12 am

Not much fanfare, okay with me. The good news was I had 174.90 hours of unused vacation time that will be on my last paycheck (8/22) I changed my witholding so they won't take out monstrous taxes on it.

Next week I will pay my tuition and books on my Visa card so I don't ACTUALLY have to pay them until Sept 15th when the bill comes. I redeemed $30 in rewards this month but those two bills should add up. Plus the money in savings can earn interest for August.

I talked to some people I know and it looks like I have 3 PT job prospects. I would rather work on campus but those jobs don't pay as well. I am not worried though and thought I would get established in class before adding any more.

The adventure begins...


August 2nd, 2008 at 05:38 pm

But I also have been careful.

Yesterday at work a friend, who hates her job more than I do, used that phrase to describe what I am doing. She can't quit or even go to a lower paying job because she and DH need every penny just to pay the bills. I feel for her but she has been living on the edge for so long now it has just become her way of life. Big mortgage, big car payment on gas hog SUV a camper & a boat.

I hope things work out for her, she is so young...

I played a Texas Hold-em freeroll tourney tonight, got 116th out of 1015 players, not too shabby for my first ever tourney. For those of you who don't know freeroll means there is no buy-in (cost to play) but the prizes aren't too high either top prize tonight was $125 for the winner. 116th doesn't get anything.

Talked to my sister's this week and told them about going back to school. My older one is real gung ho on education so she was all for it, the younger just thinks it's terrific I can do something that so obviously makes me happy.