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Financial Aid came through

September 19th, 2008 at 06:30 pm

My financial aid finally came though. They sure made me jump through all the hoops. Whew! I actually had to go and see them twice because they weren't updating my record online. I signed up for direct deposit so hopefully it will hit my bank account next week.

I had my first test in Humanities (97%), my first test in Statistics (no grade yet) and got 100% on my first project in Business Management Systems (it was an Excel Spreadsheet) I have my first test in Accounting, a 2nd project due in BMS and a 3 page paper due in humanities next week so I am going to be working hard this weekend. I also applied for an internship (haven't heard yet)and have another interview in October with an accounting firm. So I have been keeping busy staying on top of my schoolwork.

DS got a second job, his first one is only a few weekends a month so he needed something more steady. Funny but he is in unpaid training for a third job that starts in January. I might be quite a juggling act to keep them all straight so I gave him a little pocket calendar to write it down on. We keep a calendar on the computer but it is always handy to have one you can take with you.

Cable Guy just left a little while ago, it seems a pack of squirrels chewed though our line. He says the main line has problems too and they are sending a crew out to fix it as well but so far the internet is working. He also told me of a way to get past all the automated stuff when I need to speak with a real person. Nice guy, I give him 10's all around. Funny but I just finished getting a 6 month discount on my cable by calling and asking for it, then this happened.

The school has a football game Saturday and I was thinking of going and just having a little fun. There is a grassy area outside the stadium and students are allowed to sit there free.

Well that's the update from us here.

Why don't they tell me these things! (rant)

September 2nd, 2008 at 03:19 pm

So I checked my financial aid status last week and am informed that it can't be approved without my admissions being finalized, I check with admissions and they tell me they can't finalize until they have the transcripts from the community college I attended. Why don't they have them? I hadn't ordered them, I didn't know I had to order them. So I ordered them and waited a week for them to get here and processed.

Now I check online and they say my financial aid cannot be finalized because I am a Junior and I have to declare a major. WHY DIDN'T THEY TELL ME THAT BEFORE! I could have declared a major if they had told me now I will have to meet with an advisor and put in a declaration of major and then WAIT FOR THEM TO PROCESS THAT before I can get my financial aid. First it is one thing and then another.

Well off to class. It will have to wait until tomorrow cause everything is closed now...this is so frustrating.

Busy Weekend

September 2nd, 2008 at 07:26 am

Just thought I'd drop something in here since it has been awhile...

Had a GREAT weekend, my neighbor was gone for the weekend so I borrowed her ladder and got the gutter torn off the front of my house. It was sagging and leaking so I removed it and gave the board a good coat of paint. It looks 100% better and the board won't rot out and require replacing. There is a huge overhang so it doesn't really need a gutter and it ruins the look of the house. I will wait and see after the next rain.

Then I tore apart the gate (not a big feat it was falling apart). One of the hinges was so rusted it had frozen and pulling the gate open & shut had pretty much mutilated it. The opening isn't big enough for a cheap pre-made gate so I put it back together using angle irons and screws and put in a new hinge. It looks good and works better. Hopefully it will last awhile now.

I also worked on painting the house. I am up above the windows now and should be finished, scraping, sanding and priming this month. I do a little bit at a time and work on it most mornings but I really got alot done this weekend. I am looking forward to the day I can give it it's final topcoat.

Mowed and cleaned up the yard. Did a whole house clean-up and cleaned the carpet.

Whew...Classes start up again today but I am well caught up on the work. I have an assignment to shop Aldi's this week and a Movie theater evaluation Friday. The college is opening a play this weekend too and since students get in free I am thinking of going. I have a tax class this afternoon and one college class this evening so I think I will just take it a little easy this morning and maybe do a little cooking while it is still cool. The weather here has been beautiful.