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Song going around in my head

December 24th, 2008 at 05:39 am

It is from Montgomery Gentry

And if all you ever really do is the best you can
Well, you did it man

That's something to be proud of
That's a life you can hang your hat on
That's a chin held high as the tears fall down
A gut sucked in, a chest stuck out
Like a small town flag a-flyin'
Or a newborn baby cryin'
In the arms of the woman that you love
That's something to be proud of

I think striving to live a good life might be a good dream.

What if you don't have a dream?

December 21st, 2008 at 08:16 am

Over at the Simple Dollar Trent talks about giving up your dream.

I never really had a dream...

After my divorce I wanted to learn more about income taxes so I took a class on income taxes. I had a perfectly good paying job but at the end I was offered a chance to work part time doing income taxes. I liked it. I liked it much more than my usual day job.

Then my day job became more stressful and just plain horrible. I was worried it was going to come to a head so I began socking every penny away until I had enough in the bank to survive 12 months.

When I was put on probation for the second time in less than a year I knew I couldn't work there anymore. I wasn't ever going to please my new manager. So I quit and went back to school. I am an accounting/finance major and got 3 A's and a B my first semester. I got an internship at an insurance company doing cost basis for surrendered policies. I still do my income tax work, in season. Next year I will have a full scholarship. Financially I am still okay. I haven't had to use any of my savings to make ends meet.

But I still don't have a dream...

There is nothing that really fuels my flame. I am happy going on day to day and living my life as it unfolds. When I am 50 I will finally graduate from college with a BBA. I will probably find another job in accounting. I will probably look into getting a masters. I have been looking at different fields and thinking about what I want to do. With my low COL I could do anything... but I really would like to find that dream, that one thing I want to do more than anything else.

I have been thinking about what I love to do. If I didn't have to work what would I do?

I like learning new things. I like teaching new things to individuals but not necessarily to groups. I seem to work better one-on-one.

I like helping people, but I find them frustrating. Most of the people I meet don't want help thay just want solutions that don't require any work on their part.

I like being a wife, cooking, keeping a nice house. When I was married we would often host parties and I loved making sure that everyone had a good time. I don't like going to parties but I did like the feeling that the guests were well taken care of. People liked coming to our parties and they were always well attended.

I like inteligent conversations with intelligent people. I like debating concepts and having discussions about important topics.

So how does all this fit into a dream? Does everyone have to have a dream?

Waiting for a final

December 8th, 2008 at 01:05 pm

I am sitting here in the library waiting for my 4:00 final. I have studied but I will be so happy when this particular one is finished. I don't quite understand Stats and I am nervous. I have a solid B in the class and I doubt I will flunk but I had really hoped to come out of this with at least my B intact.
My Accounting final will be just as intense but I am not as nevous about it. I enjoy accounting and absolutely loath statistics. Nest semester I have Statistics for Business and Economics, it is not even considered a math class so I am hoping it won't be as bad as this one has been. It is as if I know it and then I sit down with the test and all the sudden I don't know it. I have never had test anxiety before I think it is just a case of I DON'T LIKE IT so I forget it as soon as possible.
After finals this week I don't have school again until January 20th. Since I am re-employed now and will be starting taxes in January it won't be as much of a vacation as I could have hoped for. It would be nice to just be a student and have 4 weeks with nothing to do but there aren't many peopple here in that position. Most of them work their a**es off during breaks to help pay for school.

Anyway, wish me luck....