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So little time

December 22nd, 2006 at 04:50 pm

Well DS left for Dads and I am on my own for a WHOLE DAY! (I am being sacastic) Dad has to go pick up his stepson at the airport so DS is coming back Sunday morning. I have so much to get done before then. I haven't wrapped his presents, I need to fix the back door, get by the grocery cause we are out of food and do my laundry (cause DS will need to do his when he gets back)

It used to be my life revolved around him but as he has matured this year I find myself standing back and looking at him as the man he is becoming. I am pleased with him and except for some motivational issues (he is a little lazy) I think he will be a good adult. He has a strong moral character, strong faith, is thoughtful and has empathy for others. He can cook, do laundry, and handle his finances.

Perhaps this is normal, the standing back and letting him run his own life. Maybe it is getting me ready for the day he goes out on his own.

I wonder though what it will be like knowing he is not coming back after the weekend is over?

2 Responses to “So little time”

  1. marymara Says:

    It seems that you have done your job well. Congratulations!

  2. Broken Arrow Says:

    That is a very interesting musing.

    My oldest is 16, but my youngest is 6.

    When I was younger, I too had *cough* "motivational issues". Big Grin

    But I suspect that he will "grow" out of that like I did. Sometimes, I think that also just takes time until he finds out what inspires and motivates him. Or scares the willies out of him... whichever comes first. Big Grin

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