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More Home Repair

December 28th, 2006 at 03:25 pm

My bathtub faucet was leaking and after looking it up to see if I could do it myself I called the plumber. Full replacement of the faucet would run around $400 because there is no access, they would have to move the HWH and cut a hole in the wall to access the pipes, but the faucet I have is a high quality faucet that maybe could be repaired from the front. 1 hr and $80+/- (haven't gotten the bill yet) the faucet no longer leaks HOWEVER

On going out my back door this morning I found toilet paper on the soggy? (it hasn't rained in days) ground. The top was off the cleanout for the sewer and water? was coming out. Called the drain cleaner guys (my plumber doesn't do sewers) and $80 later (no more or less paid him on the spot) my sewage is now going to the sewer.

So out of the $126 in my home repair budget I spent $160 today. At least I have the funds to cover it.

I may have to put a little more aside for these things next year.

1 Responses to “More Home Repair”

  1. PRICEPLUS Says:

    The only certainty as a homeowner is that you will end up spending moneyfor repairs! I try to do as much as possible but I know my limitations.

    Plumbing is, along with electrical work, quite pricey. I hope things run smoothly for a while!WinkSmile

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