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Busy Weekend

September 2nd, 2008 at 07:26 am

Just thought I'd drop something in here since it has been awhile...

Had a GREAT weekend, my neighbor was gone for the weekend so I borrowed her ladder and got the gutter torn off the front of my house. It was sagging and leaking so I removed it and gave the board a good coat of paint. It looks 100% better and the board won't rot out and require replacing. There is a huge overhang so it doesn't really need a gutter and it ruins the look of the house. I will wait and see after the next rain.

Then I tore apart the gate (not a big feat it was falling apart). One of the hinges was so rusted it had frozen and pulling the gate open & shut had pretty much mutilated it. The opening isn't big enough for a cheap pre-made gate so I put it back together using angle irons and screws and put in a new hinge. It looks good and works better. Hopefully it will last awhile now.

I also worked on painting the house. I am up above the windows now and should be finished, scraping, sanding and priming this month. I do a little bit at a time and work on it most mornings but I really got alot done this weekend. I am looking forward to the day I can give it it's final topcoat.

Mowed and cleaned up the yard. Did a whole house clean-up and cleaned the carpet.

Whew...Classes start up again today but I am well caught up on the work. I have an assignment to shop Aldi's this week and a Movie theater evaluation Friday. The college is opening a play this weekend too and since students get in free I am thinking of going. I have a tax class this afternoon and one college class this evening so I think I will just take it a little easy this morning and maybe do a little cooking while it is still cool. The weather here has been beautiful.

1 Responses to “Busy Weekend”

  1. Joan.of.the.Arch Says:

    A lot of work. A lot of money saved doing it yourself.

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