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Financial Aid came through

September 19th, 2008 at 06:30 pm

My financial aid finally came though. They sure made me jump through all the hoops. Whew! I actually had to go and see them twice because they weren't updating my record online. I signed up for direct deposit so hopefully it will hit my bank account next week.

I had my first test in Humanities (97%), my first test in Statistics (no grade yet) and got 100% on my first project in Business Management Systems (it was an Excel Spreadsheet) I have my first test in Accounting, a 2nd project due in BMS and a 3 page paper due in humanities next week so I am going to be working hard this weekend. I also applied for an internship (haven't heard yet)and have another interview in October with an accounting firm. So I have been keeping busy staying on top of my schoolwork.

DS got a second job, his first one is only a few weekends a month so he needed something more steady. Funny but he is in unpaid training for a third job that starts in January. I might be quite a juggling act to keep them all straight so I gave him a little pocket calendar to write it down on. We keep a calendar on the computer but it is always handy to have one you can take with you.

Cable Guy just left a little while ago, it seems a pack of squirrels chewed though our line. He says the main line has problems too and they are sending a crew out to fix it as well but so far the internet is working. He also told me of a way to get past all the automated stuff when I need to speak with a real person. Nice guy, I give him 10's all around. Funny but I just finished getting a 6 month discount on my cable by calling and asking for it, then this happened.

The school has a football game Saturday and I was thinking of going and just having a little fun. There is a grassy area outside the stadium and students are allowed to sit there free.

Well that's the update from us here.

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