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Car Problems

October 2nd, 2008 at 04:06 am

Two months ago my car scared me when I turned the ignition and...nothing.In a panic I turned it again...vroom, it started right up. I got over it, it became commonplace to have to try and start it 2 times. Then about 2 weeks ago I had to try 4 TIMES!! I was sure I would have to push start it. So I took it to my mechanic, he took off the ingition switch, determined it was bad, ordered a new one, which took 4 days to come. Put the old one back on (so I could drive it those four days) and put the new one on when it came in total damage to the budget....$71.99 (the part was $42)

Tuesday My car started sounding like a street racer and I was sure it needed a new muffler alfhough a quick look under didn't show anything. I couldn't drive it like that, so Wedneday I took it to my muffler guy. I like him because twice he has welded the tailpipe back instead of telling me I need a whole new exhaust system. He told me that it was the same problem (tailpipe broken up near the engine) he said it looked like it had been welded back before (yeah, by him) and that it was going to keep happening if I didn't replace the pipe with something he called a "flex pipe" All the time he sounded so apoligetic like "Gee I'm sorry but this is going to be so much more expensive" then he let loose. $90??? it cost $50 to have him weld it. So my car is quiet again and I am out $96.71.

My car is 14 years old. I bought it new in December 1994. So far in those 14 years it has been towed twice, has had a new alternator, clutch, tires and brakes and about 20 of these minor (under $100) repairs. It gets about 26 mpg in town and 32 on the highway. Cosmetically it isn't pretty but it has always gotten me where I was going and has dirt cheap insurance and taxes (in Kansas we pay personal property tax on vehicles based on their value) Just because I was curious I looked back at how much it has cost me to have it this year.

Insurance- $186.00
Taxes- $50.00
TOTAL COST = $1271.00
So that comes to $141.22 a month (9 months so far)

I really love my old car.

1 Responses to “Car Problems”

  1. monkeymama Says:

    When I drove my 20-year-old car (I drove it years 14 to 20) it never needed any major repairs.

    Old cars can be nice and cheap!

    I laugh when people tell me they need a new car because they needed a new alternator. Puh-leeze - it's like a $100 repair!! (depends on the car). Yes, if you drive a car more than 50k miles you may need new brakes, alternators, spark plug, water pumps, belts, etc. over the years. These are all relatively minor repairs though. Sure beats a new car payment.

    My dh's car on the other hand has 90k miles and has never really needed anything. We just replaced that battery. We've replaced some belts and tires. That is really about it. (Knock on wood).

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