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I was offered an internship

October 6th, 2008 at 08:42 pm

At Security Benefit (who is one of the biggest employers around here). $9 an hour and up to 30 hours a week. They will work around my schooling and I will get some practical experience in the financial field.

I am so excited! It isn't a totally done deal yet though so keep your fingers crossed, say a prayer or whatever you do. I am a little worried about what my former supervisor might say to them when they call him. I got the call tonight at 5:30 so I am sure they haven't talked to him yet. I told them I wasn't sure what he would say because he was not happy with me when I left so at least if he does decide to be petty they might understand.

Then they do a drug screen, background check, and a credit check before I can officially start. I am not really sweating these things.

This will be so much better than just working retail or something to make ends meet. I was almost out of the extra money I got for all my vacation time and was thinking it was time to set my sights a little lower but this is PERFECT.

Wish me luck.

5 Responses to “I was offered an internship”

  1. shiela Says:

    good luck!

  2. Broken Arrow Says:

    What exactly is Security Benefit? Insurance company?

    In any case, that sounds great! Hope things work out!

  3. Diolla Says:

    Yes, they are insurance oriented but they handle alot of financial stuff like retirement plans. The section I will be in is basically handling support for other companies, bookeeping etc. that don't want to invest the money in additional staff and technology to do it themselves. So far all my experience has been in taxes and financial counseling this will give me an inside look at insurance. I am still looking for what I want to do when I graduate so this will fill in one more piece.

  4. James Says:

    Congrats! With 30 hours a week do you still think you can take classes. It's going to be difficult. I am doing the same thing (30 hour internship and doing 9 hours of school. going to school isn't the hard part. It's all of the homework after class that you have to make time for.

  5. Diolla Says:

    I am taking 12 hours this semester and 15 the next. They have said they will be flexible and it is a maximum of 30 hours so if necessary I can take some extra time. So far I have been keeping up (and even working a little ahead) with my schoolwork by working 3-6 hours each day on it so I think I can. I don't have anything else to do since my kid is grown and I am not seeing anyone now. 20 hours a week will cover my living expenses without having to dip into my savings.

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