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Schedule going crazy

November 23rd, 2008 at 07:07 am

It seems like all my professors are going crazy with the last 2 weeks of classes coming up. In accounting we went over 4 chapters in 4 classes and had another test. Statistics has accellerated too with a test tomorrow, luckily it will be the last one before the final but since there is only 3 more classes before that there isn't much time to cram in alot else. One more humanities class and one final project in Business Class.

Because of all the junk classes I took in the past I am classified as a Senior but I still have a minimum of 5 semesters to actually graduate. Next semester is going to be FUN. I have-
Managerial Accounting
Junior Composition
from 9-1pm on MWF
Then- work from 1-4 MWF 8-4 T,Th
Then- Statistics for business MW nights
And-H&R Block from 5-9pm T,Th,F plus all day Saturday/Sunday

My plan has been to take all my H&R Block money and put it aside for extra school costs, my tax refund will go into my funds for irregular expenses like proerty tax and car insurance and I will live off of my internship work money.

I have been doing alot more secret shopping lately too. The little checks have been going to fund having a little fun now and then. With there being so much free entertainment at school I have found it is not too hard to spend almost nothing on a good time. Last weekend they were having a play in the theater. Free to students. Last week was a concert. I actually don't have time to do everything offered although I usually manage to show up for the events with free food. I had a blast at the debate watches and all the pizza and pop I wanted. There was a business luncheon about interviewing techniques with a free lunch, I also met some very nice people in the business school/community so making contacts was an important part of it.

Although I am really busy instead of feeling tired I feel energized by it all. It is so empowering to be totally in charge of my own life. In lots of ways I think it has been a good experience for my DS too. He has become more self sufficient and confident. He has started keeping his own budget and taking care of his own needs without me reminding him. It is a bunch of little things but I am happy to see him growing up.

On a sadder note one of my old friends, we actually dated a few times, died last Thursday. It was strange, his son found him at the front door looking like he was leaving for work. They think it was a heart attack but he was only 56 years old. I hadn't seen him for a long time but it feels funny to think he is not out there anymore.

2 Responses to “Schedule going crazy”

  1. fern Says:

    sorry to hear about your friend. That's much too young to go.

    Your classes sound intersting. If i had to do school over again, i think i'd be intersted in studying economics.

  2. cassandra Says:

    I'm sorry about your friend.

    A couple of my profs are craming in last minute stuff too. I only have a handful of days left in each class but some profs have really stepped it up. One of my profs, though, is letting us relax for the next couple weeks. He went pretty quickly throughout most of semester so we can relax at the end.

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