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Am I obsessing?

November 24th, 2008 at 05:07 pm

I did my stats test tonight and didn't worry at all about the one problem I had no clue about, 6 points down the tubes. BUT I got back my Accounting test from last week and I only got 87/100. There are 3 tests plus the final and all are worth 100pts. I had 96 on the first, 104 on the second and now this stupid 87. Why is the A in accounting so much more important than the A in statistics?

Tonight was my only classes for this week. The instructor said he would be in class tomorrow night if we wanted to come but it wasn't mandatory. I have a study date to work on the project in that class so I will probably go especially since the class is in the computer lab.

DS is working tonight so I am home alone. I like being home alone with nothing due tomorrow. I will probably study a little just because I am used to spending evenings studying. Right now I have A's in 3 of 4 classes, Why it alright to settle for a B in Stats when a B in accounting would bother the heck out of me?

2 Responses to “Am I obsessing?”

  1. crazyliblady Says:

    Hello, fellow midwesterner. I will tell you something interesting. What would they call a person who got a B+ in one accounting class but still graduated with her degree? (Drum roll here.) Answer: an accountant. The truth is when you get out into the real world to interview for jobs, the employer will check your transcript to see that you did the required courses to complete the degree. I never had anyone comment, or even ask about, my GPA or the grade I got in a specific course. Don't be so hard on yourself. Maybe it was a really hard exam and you got the best grade?

  2. merch Says:

    Unless you are going on for a masters. Then the GPA may come into the equation.

    But good luck and study hard. Set a good example for your son. (I'm sure he's proud of you, eben with that B)

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